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Diagnostic Tools

Utilising a range of diagnostic tools, Canning Consultants help organisations to maximise their people working at individual, team and organisation level.

Extended DISC®

Extended DISC®, is the worlds' fastest growing Human Resources System, offering the following tools, based on 4 different behavioural styles - D (Dominance), I (Influence), S (Steadiness), C (Compliance):

  • Extended DISC® Personal Analysis - Individual Behavioural Profiling tool providing insight into your "natural behavioural style"
  • Extended DISC® Work Pair Analysis - compare 2 x Personal Analysis to see where there are complementary and opposing styles
  • Extended DISC® Team Analysis - compare Personal Analysis of all team members to see where there are complementary and opposing styles
  • Extended DISC® Job Analysis - the ability to identify and prioritise behaviours for specific jobs that will produce the best results
  • Extended DISC® Open 360 - ability to receive feedback on how others see you behaving
  • Extended DISC® Surveys Platform - ability to measure culture and climate of organisations


Life Styles Inventory (LSI) is the first in the Human Synergistics' self assessment tools specifically designed to help you answer the important question of "Who am I and what causes me to act the way I do?".  Based on a combination of respected psychological and measurement theories, the LSI 1 measures the thoughts and attitudes which motivate your behaviour, how you relate to others as well as how you solve problems and make decisions.  The LSI 1 is a self-assessment tool which provides insight into how you see yourself.  Used in conjunction with LSI 1, LSI 2 provides objective feedback on an individual's behaviour patterns as interpreted by others (up to 8 people provide feedback).


Organisational Culture Inventory (OCI), by Human Synergistics, is a tool designed to measure organisational culture.  Combined with the OCI, the Organisational Effectiveness Inventory (OEI), identifies the causal factors (levers for change), that influence culture and the outcomes of culture - specifically within the organisation being surveyed.


Leadership/Impact (L/I), by Human Synergistics, is a unique tool designed to provide executives, managers and others in leadership positions with otherwise unavailable feedback regarding their impact on others, as well as the strategies and techniques that account for this feedback.  


Passion Maps

The Personal Passion Mapping program is about you: the core of who you are and the essence of what energises and inspires you.  The Passion Mapping process allows you to listen deeply to your own inner dialogue.  The program allows you to:

  • Discover what you are passionate about
  • Deepen and validate your sense of self
  • Learn new skills for self-insight and life balance
  • Create a rich picture of potential for your life and work
  • Develop focus on what gives your life meaning and purpose
  • Find ways to live your passions and align them to your vision
  • Generate energy, excitement, creativity and courage in your life


The tools provide powerful insights into proven leadership, management and personal methods by revealing how to:

  • Eliminate undesirable behavioural traits
  • Resolve workplace conflicts
  • Achieve goals
  • Solve problems
  • Adopt behavioural flexibility
  • Overcome challenges
  • Demonstrate initiative
  • Maintain integrity
  • Make decisions
  • Delegate responsibility
  • Embrace change
  • Minimise stress