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International research has revealed the interplay between staff and workplace culture is intrinsically linked to business performance.

Canning Consultants works with staff and executive management teams in small- to medium-size businesses to guide workplaces through the process of change.

Canning Consultants provides a comprehensive repertoire of services designed to help organisations through every step of the transformation process:

  • Cultural transformation
  • Leadership development
  • Executive coaching
  • Change management
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Human resource management


Canning Consultants use state-of-the-art technologies to train workplaces in an engaging and interactive manner as well as organise follow-up coaching to oversee the implementation of workplace reforms.

The experiential workshops encourage team building through challenging simulations that demonstrate how people perform under pressure and work together to resolve problems.

Participants gain enormous insight into effective and ineffective behavioural traits that impact job performance and learn how to overcome limiting attitudes and behaviours.

Organisations identify internal practices and policies that contribute to systemic problems destroying productivity, profits and staff morale.

"Kerrie helped us to bring our Leading to Excellence program to life through her interactive presentations and skillful use of the LSI tools.  I am happy to recommend Kerrie to any organisation wanting to introduce or develop an LSI progarm in the workplace."  Ros Fahey, Group Manager, Human Resource - Services, St John of God Health Care

Coaching & mentoring

Canning Consultants help individuals gain insights into their thoughts and behaviours influencing their professional and personal life.

The coaching experts help senior executives, team leaders and front-line staff identify personal skills and productivity levels and then design a plan to reach their goals.

Regular hands-on coaching sessions enable Canning Consultants to:

  • Hold people accountable for their actions
  • Keep them on track towards their goals

Canning Consultants’ expertise in human resources technologies includes personalised mentoring to HR professionals eager to transform issues in their own workplace.

 "I first met Kerrie through AHRI's Mentoring program, an initiative that matches individuals to experienced mentors in the OD/HR space.  The program runs for a year and relies on the generosity of its members to share their experience, provide advice and dedicate enough time to the mentee to create value.  From the outself, I was made to feel supported by Kerrie, who used her exceptional coaching skills to guide me in a very positive direction.  Kerrie was incredibly giving of her time, her networks and her knowledge - I am incredibly lucky to have been matched to Kerrie.  The initial mentoring experience with Kerrie is now complete, but she continues to make a very significant contribution to my professional life, including debriefing my role as CEO, coaching my staff or talking to other colleagues in my industry about the challenges around OD.  I can't recommend Kerrie highly enough - and in fact I do on a regular basis when someone is looking for an expert in leadership and development."  Leigh Russell, CEO, Netball Victoria

"Kerrie was appointed as a coach for me after our company ran an LSI workshop for managers.  In the year following, I came to find that Kerrie's experience as an Executive Coach helped me considerably through areas of difficulty in my job.  She was an excellent sounding board and provided first class advice on things to consider or ways to approach a situation - even though many times her answers were other questions!  I appreciated her candour, honesty and ethics.  This made it very easy to discuss management issues and I benefited greatly from those discussions.  In addition, the regular coaching sessions helped keep me accountable and stay on track in achieving my goals.  I have no hesitation in recommending Kerrie as an Executive Coach."   Ian, IT Manager

Human resource management

Canning Consultants help organisations to maximise their human resources.

As a true partner to your business, we support you through the employee life cycle:

  • Job design
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Induction
  • Reward and recognition
  • Restructuring
  • Exit interviews  

"I was first introduced to Kerrie Canning through the AHRI mentor program in 2008 and I have been pleased to continue our contact on a regular informal basis since then.  Kerrie has been a great mentor and sounding board for me, and has provided valuable counsel and support on many HR issues with a particular emphasis on L&D and OD.  Her personal style is warm and engaging, and her professional strengths include her pragmatic and credible approach.  I would be pleased to recommend Kerrie for any HR related consulting work that was within Canning Consultants' service offering".  Hilary Law, HR Manager, Gilead Science.

Diagnostic Tools

Utilising a range of diagnostic tools, Canning Consultants help organisations to maximise their people working at individual, team and organisation level.