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About Us

Kerrie CanningHelping people and organisations realise their full potential has become Kerrie Canning’s true calling after years at the forefront of managing workplace issues.

As an expert facilitator in workplace management, Kerrie believes every person has something to contribute and it is her goal to help them both recognise and maximise their worth.

Backed by an impressive record in organisational management, Kerrie has a genuine interest in fostering healthy work cultures that boost productivity and staff morale.

To her, establishing authentic connections is the critical key to working with people at all levels of management - from senior executives through to team leaders, managers and front line employees.

There is no mistaking her unbridled enthusiasm for helping people gain more insight at both a professional and personal level to achieve life-changing transformation.

“I have no doubt that the reason I was put on this earth was to make a difference,” Kerrie says.

“I believe everyone has a worthy contribution to make but it comes down to people taking personal responsibility for their own actions.”

“It’s my job to provide insights into their own actions and behaviour that determines their level of success. Quite often how they are in the workplace is the same as how it plays out in their personal lives.”

“I am not afraid to be provocative and often tell people what they don’t want to hear.”

“But if I can come home every day and know I’ve made a difference to someone else then I am happy because I know I am helping them achieve their goals while realising my own.”