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Massive reforms in workplace culture in the past few decades have sparked a renaissance in how leading companies balance the importance of cultivating clients while creating a dynamic workforce.

One need not be at the expense of the other. In fact, expert human resources facilitators Canning Consultants have built a formidable reputation training businesses on how to complement the needs of cultivating clients and creating dynamic workforces, to produce unprecedented results.  Read about our award winning case study of transforming the culture of Blackwell Publishing Asia.

Canning Consultants specialise in implementing “AAA” protection to create a sustainable workforce for small to medium sized businesses in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Regional Victoria, and overseas. 

Top-5 tangible benefits from establishing sustainable workplaces:

  • Increased business productivity & performance
  • Increased turnover & profitability
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Decreased staff turnover


Canning Consultants Pty. Ltd.

Use scientifically-proven diagnostic tools to help businesses identify the strengths and weaknesses in their business models.


Canning Consultants Pty. Ltd.

Create a self-development guide for businesses that encourages them to accept responsibility and ownership for the change needed to achieve outstanding results.


Canning Consultants Pty. Ltd.

Help workplaces define goals, implement critical reforms and restructures, recruit suitable employees and create synergies with complementary businesses.